March 26, 2023

In Week 9, Andy Dalton appears to have replaced Jameis Winston as the New Orleans Saints’ starter. Dalton was intended to be the Saints’ backup quarterback, but Winston started the season as the starter. On Monday Night Football, though, the seasoned quarterback started the game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

Winston’s injury in Week 2 of this season gave Dalton the opportunity to start for the Saints. He had a history of injuries over the previous two seasons, and the back and ankle problems he experienced were just the latest. He missed the entire previous season due to an ACL injury.

Therefore, the 35-year-old quarterback had a chance to flourish for the Saints from Week 2 through Week 8 and he grabbed it with both hands. Dalton averages a passer rating of 95.1 compared to Winston’s 79.5 in the Saints’ respective matchups. Additionally, Dalton averages about one sack each game compared to Winston’s close to four per game. His average game touchdown to interception ratio is 1.8 to 0.8.

NFL analysts have noted a few noteworthy statistics regarding star running back Alvin Kamara, who was allegedly involved in a fight with a man at a club in Las Vegas. With Andy Dalton, he averages 7.3 catches for 59 yards a game, while with Winston, he only averages 3.7 catches for 36.7 yards. The statistics show that Kamara has performed well when the veteran quarterback is in the game.

Andy Dalton Week 9

The first half of the season was enough for Andy Dalton, the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, to surpass Jameis Winston and take over as the team’s starter.

But in order to keep it going, he will need to address his problems with prime time.

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

Last week, Dalton was selected as the starting quarterback over Winston, who was healthy, and he responded with a productive victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, finishing with two touchdowns.

Andy is beginning, and if we keep up our current offensive style, which is what we expect, Allen said, “Andy will be the starter moving forward, and I don’t believe we should get into any hypotheticals or things like that.” We’ll see how that goes, but right now it’s his show to run.

In light of the Baltimore Ravens (5-3) coming to town for “Monday Night Football” (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN) at Caesars Superdome, Dalton cannot make a step backward.

While the Saints (3-5) have dropped their last three home games in prime time, they once dominated there. Between 2017 and 2020, they went 6-1 in those games, and Allen thinks they can repeat that success.

Allen stated, “I believe the atmosphere in the dome during a night game is probably as wonderful as I’ve ever experienced, and I expect nothing to change this Monday night.”

Chris Olave, a rookie wide receiver with the Saints, is eager to experience the action for the first time.

Olave remarked, “I hear it’s going to be chaotic. Primetime in the dome? I’m looking forward to the first game in New Orleans at prime time because the normal games are so loud.

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

When the lights are the brightest, Dalton has yet to experience the same success. Since his four-touchdown effort on “Sunday Night Football” against the same Ravens on September 13, 2018, when he was the Cincinnati Bengals’ starting quarterback, he hasn’t won in prime time.

The Denver Broncos were the opponent of his final Monday night victory as a starter on December 22, 2014.

One of Dalton’s worst performances in the spotlight occurred on November 6, 2014, when the Cleveland Browns defeated him by a score of 24-3. Dalton threw three pickoffs.

Andy Dalton Rushing Stats

The New Orleans Saints offensive line ranks seventh in the NFL this season for creating running lanes.

Since the beginning of last season, Andy Dalton has had some of the highest rushing efficiency in the NFL (6.08 yards per carry) (81st percentile among QBs).

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

When it comes to stopping the run this season, the Baltimore Ravens linebackers rank as the weakest group in the NFL.

This week, the New Orleans Saints will be using backup quarterback Andy Dalton, which often results in fewer pass attempts and more rushes.

The New Orleans Saints are predicted by THE BLITZ to have the third-least run-oriented attack this week, with a 42.7% run rate, while taking into consideration their underlying patterns and matchup dynamics.

Considering the Saints’ underlying trends and game dynamics, THE BLITZ predicts that they will call the fewest offensive plays (62.2) of any team on the schedule this week.

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

The game will be played in a dome, which will result in no wind, more passes, more opportunities for touchdowns, and improved passing efficiency.

The least of all quarterbacks, Andy Dalton will see an average of 1.5 rush attempts in this game.

Andy Dalton Rushing Yards

Opponent Outcome Rush Atts. Rush Yds. Lead or Trail?
@ BAL W, 23-16 26 79 Back & Forth
vs. ATL W, 24-10 45 170 Lead
vs. TEN W, 33-7 31 116 Lead
@ NE L, 43-17 18 79 Trail
vs. CAR T, 37-37 31 193 Back & Forth
@ IND L, 27-0 12 32 Trail
vs. BAL W, 27-24 34 111 Lead
vs. JAX W, 33-23 34 191 Lead
vs. CLE L, 24-3 22 86 Trail

The Cincinnati Bengals’ Week 10 humiliation at the hands of the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night was unquestionably the worst the offence has looked for the franchise with Andy Dalton at the helm.

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

It was all so terrible that it was nearly incomprehensible. Only 10 of Dalton’s 33 pass attempts were successful, giving him 86 yards. No touchdown passes were made, although he did manage three interceptions. Additionally, he suffered two sacks, 12 additional hits, and two hurries. He had a 2.0 quarterback rating at the game’s conclusion.

Playing catch-up, the run game also failed to find traction. The Bengals only ran the ball 22 times during the contest, gaining 86 yards against a Browns defence that had been allowing an average of 139.6 running yards per game going into Week 10.

The Bengals face another obstacle this week as they travel to New Orleans to play the Saints. The Saints are currently in first place in the NFC South and have a 3-1 home record despite their current record of 4-5. Even if the Saints aren’t as dominant as they were in previous seasons, the Bengals won’t have it easy against them.

Andy Dalton: Week 9, Rushing Stats, Rushing Yards

The Bengals could get into problems if they are forced into a shootout, which happens frequently when they play the Saints in the Superdome. There won’t be any Dalton heroics this year.

This is also not the year for Dalton to lead the offence with a heavy passing assault. At 60.9 percent, Dalton’s completion rate is at a career low.

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