April 1, 2023

Bailey Michael Zappe, a quarterback with the National Football League’s (NFL) New England Patriots, was born on April 26, 1999.

Today, we provide details on Bailey Zappe in this blog, covering his nfl draft, contract, net worth 2022, family and more.

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

Full Name Bailey Michael Zappe
Famous/Nick Name Bailey Zappe
Country United States
Profession College Football Player

Bailey Zappe NFL Draft

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

Western Kentucky‘s Bailey Zappe, a record-breaking passer, will try to carry over his success when he declares for the 2022 NFL draught.

The prolific quarterback prospect for the Hilltoppers is explained in detail below:

Personal info

Height: 6’1

Weight: 100 kg

Class: Senior

40 time: 4.88

Strong Points

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

When researching Zappe, his incredible output at Western Kentucky stands out the most. He surpassed Joe Burrow’s single-season FBS record with 62 touchdown passes and more than 5,900 yards in the air last year. Those results are also not an exceptional incidence, as he has improved gradually and consistently over the past three years. Zappe experienced significant development and gained new insight into the pass-heavy offensive scheme he was directing.

His honed technique and sharp perception of his surroundings are Zappe’s best assets. He rarely leaves a clean pocket unattended, has outstanding pocket awareness, and a keen sense of the pressure exerted on him. He is aware of the defences in front of him, the pre-snap changes to be made, and the best ways to counter what has been handed to him. He will make use of the inventiveness in his playbook and is not afraid to question man or zone coverages.

Zappe’s arm strength may not appear to be particularly strong on the video, but it was sufficient to hit shorter routes with decent velocity and make layered throws that were typically accurate down the field. His ability to control the velocity of his throws to float a pass into the proper spot between coverage made his touch passes a thing of beauty. Many times, you believed the defender had a chance to get to the ball, but Zappe’s fluffiness prevented that from happening.

Weak Points

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

Although Zappe was quite prolific in college, his arm strength and physical attributes aren’t quite where you would want them to be for an NFL quarterback. His deeper drive balls seemed to dangle when they should have zipped at a much faster velocity, and his deep balls hovered downfield, giving safeties room to make a play on the ball. Due to defensive backs’ increased ability to leap on his passes and their tighter coverage, this will limit his effectiveness in the NFL.

His release isn’t particularly swift either because he leans his entire body into his throws, giving defensive backs additional time to react to a ball that is already going more slowly. He was rarely able to make it work while moving, therefore it didn’t function well when he had to make throws off of platforms. When his feet weren’t planted, his accuracy and ball placement suffered significantly, making him a blatant pocket passer.

Bailey Zappe Contract

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

Zappe committed to a typical $4.3 million four-year rookie contract with a $647,070 signing bonus. In 2022, he will have a cap hit of $866,768.

Bailey Zappe Net Worth 2022

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

As of 2022, Bailey has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Bailey Zappe Family Details

Bailey Zappe: NFL Draft, Contract, Net Worth 2022, Family

Bailey Zappe Family
Parents Father: Michael ZappeMother: Sammie Zappe
Sibling(s) Brother(s): Trent Zappe
Sister(s): N/A
Children/ Kids N/A

In Victoria East, Texas, Bailey was born into a middle-class family. Michael Zappe is his father, while Sammie Zappe is his mother.

His parents have been very encouraging of him as he pursues a professional football career. Trent Zappe is his only sibling and brother who is also a football player for Western Kentucky.

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