March 28, 2023

Boban Marjanovic is a Serbian professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association. He also plays for the Serbian national basketball team in international competitions. In 2015, he earned an All-EuroLeague First Team selection.

Boban Marjanovic: Team, John Wick, Hands, Wife Age, Team 2022


Houston will include Boban Marjanovic, Sterling Brown, Trey Burke and Marquess Chris as part of the reported trade.


Dallas Mavericks

Since 2019
Philadelphia 76ers

2018 – 2019
Los Angeles Clippers

2018 – 2019, 2017 – 2018
Detroit Pistons

2017 – 2018, 2016 – 2017
San Antonio Spurs

2015 – 2016
Boban Marjanovic/All teams

Boban Marjanovic (BO-BAN MAR-yvan-oh-WICH) has just completed his sixth NBA season and his second season with Dallas in 2020-21.

He has a career average of 6.0 points per game, 4.0 rebounds and 9.6 minutes per game in 263 career games (25 starts) with the San Antonio, Detroit, LA Clippers, Philadelphia and Dallas.

John Wick:

Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic — who appeared with Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum — claimed he could easily defeat the Matrix star in a real-life fight.

In the film, the two fight at the New York Public Library, which Vic eventually wins. In real life, Boban and the Mavericks are currently clashing in a first-round playoff series against the highly seeded Los Angeles Clippers, which drew the series 1-1 after a win over Dallas on Wednesday night. An impressive force on and off the court, Boban is the second tallest player in the NBA.


Boban Marjanovic: Team, John Wick,  Hands, Wife Age, Team 2022

Boban Marjanovic: Approximately 10.75/12 inches. Hand size: 10.75 inches (hand length) and 12 inches (hand span). Height: 7’3”.

The Dallas Mavericks center is listed at 7-foot-4 and 290 pounds. His paws have never been officially measured, but they are estimated to have an arm length of 10.75 inches and an arm length of 12 inches.

Boban speculates in a photo comparing hands with former San Antonio Spurs teammate Ray McCallum. For reference, McCallum has an arm length of 8 inches and a length of 8.75 inches.

Wife Age:

His wife Milica Krstic is 30 years old as of 2022. Boban Marjanovic’s wife Milika hails from a city in Serbia. Being Serbian by nationality, Christie came into the public eye due to her marriage to a sports star.

In particular, Milica is a rather short lady standing at 5’5″ (1.67 m).

To Boban’s astonishing 7’3″ (2.2 m). It just proves that love knows no bounds, and height definitely does not.

Name Milica Krstic
Birthplace Serbia
Nationality Serbian
Spouse Yes ( Boban Marjanovic)
Children Yes (2; Vuk and Pera)
Height 5’5″ (1.67 m)
Social Media Instagram
Merch of Boban Marjanovic Jersey
Last Update 2021

Team 2022:

Boban Marjanovic: Team, John Wick,  Hands, Wife Age, Team 2022

Boban played for the Spurs in 2015-16, the Pistons from 2016-17 to 2017-18, the Clippers from 2017-18 to 2018-19, the 76ers in 2018-19 and the Mavericks from 2019-20 to 2021-22.

Dallas Mavericks

#51 / Center

Serbia national basketball team

#51 / Center

Boban Marjanovic/Current teams

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