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Clarence Thomas: Appointed By, Health, Net Worth, Children

American lawyer and jurist Clarence Thomas was born on June 23, 1948, and he currently holds the position of associate judge on the US Supreme Court. George H. W. Bush put him forth as Thurgood Marshall’s successor, and he has held the position since 1991. Thomas has served on the Supreme Court since Anthony Kennedy’s retirement in 2018 and is the second African American to hold the position after Marshall. He also has the title of oldest member of the Court since Stephen Breyer’s 2022 retirement.

Clarence Thomas: Appointed By, Health, Net Worth, Children

Appointed By:

President Bush selected Judge Clarence Thomas of the District of Columbia Circuit on July 1, 1991, to succeed retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall, the court’s first African American justice and a symbol of the civil rights movement.

The president described Thomas as “the best person” in the nation to replace Marshall on the court when he introduced him that day.

However, constitutional law expert Michael Gerhardt contends that Thomas has a “limited professional distinction, with his most significant legal experiences having been a controversial tenure as chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and barely more than one year of experience as a federal court of appeals judge.”


The lack of information regarding Thomas’s condition and the delayed announcement of his hospital stay stoked worries about the lack of openness around the judges’ health. The justices are appointed for life or until they step down from office.

Justices are not required by law or policy to inform the public of serious illnesses or injuries, and revelations of such incidents have frequently come to light only after rumours about them started to circulate.

The news of Thomas’ hospital release coincided with his receiving a lot of media attention due to allegations that his wife, Virginia, texted Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the campaign of then-President Donald Trump, who was trying to win back the state of Virginia.

Net Worth:

Clarence Thomas: Appointed By, Health, Net Worth, Children

As of 2023, Clarence Thomas’s net worth is $32 million USD. Clarence Thomas receives a $260,000 annual pay in his capacity as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Since 1991, American lawyer and jurist Clarence Thomas has held the position of Associate Justice on the Supreme Court.


Thomas and his wife Ginni did not have any children of their own, however Thomas did have an adult son from a previous marriage. They made a proposal to Martin’s parents to foster the boy.

According to authors Kevin Merida and Michael Fletcher’s biography of Thomas, “Thomas explained that the boy would have the best of everything — his own room, a private school education, lots of extracurricular activities.”

Around January 1998, Thomas was granted legal custody of Martin and assumed the role of his guardian, according per court documents.

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