March 28, 2023

Dave James Myers, an English celebrity chef and television host, is best known as Si King’s partner in the Hairy Bikers. His appearances on the BBC celebrity talent competition Strictly Come Dancing are another reason for his fame.

We provide details on Dave Myers’ personal life in this blog, including his net worth, is ill, how is doing, is married.

Dave Myers: Net Worth, Is Ill, How Is Doing, Is Married

In Barrow-in-Furness, where his father was a foreman in a paper factory, Myers was born. Mr. Eaton, his inspirational art teacher at Barrow-in-Furness Grammar School for Boys, was a big influence on him. He then went on to receive a master’s in art history from the Goldsmiths College of the University of London and a degree in fine art. When Dave was a student, he purchased his first motorcycle, a Cossack Ural Mars Mk III with a sidecar.

Personal information of Dave Myers
David James Myers

8 September 1957 (age 65)

Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England
Years active 1984–present
Liliana Orzac

(m. 2011)

Children 2 (step children)

Dave Myers Net Worth:

Dave Myers: Net Worth, Is Ill, How Is Doing, Is Married

Name Dave Myers
Profession English Celebrity Chef And Television Presenter
Date of Birth 8 September 1957
Age 65 years
Height 1.93 m
Net Worth $4 Million

English celebrity chef and television presenter Dave Myers has a net worth of $4 million in 2022.

Is Dave Myers Ill?

Dave Myers: Net Worth, Is Ill, How Is Doing, Is Married

After the actor revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, Hairy Biker Si King reassured fans with a health report on Dave Myers. Dave, who was born in Cumbria, revealed in May that he had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.

Dave’s statement was, “This year is going to be a bit quiet for me, I won’t be filming, I won’t be able to attend some of the festivals, some may be acceptable, but this year is a bit of a write off for us.” Additionally, he pleaded with the public to respect his family’s privacy and to “just let me get on with it.”

How Is Dave Myers Doing?

Dave Myers: Net Worth, Is Ill, How Is Doing, Is Married

In May, Myers made his cancer diagnosis public on a podcast episode of the Agony Uncles by the Hairy Bikers. He said he was receiving chemotherapy but did not specify what type of cancer he has.

Si affirmed that Dave is acting in a very professional manner. Uncle Dave is acting appropriately, and while we may have been a little bit bad last night, it wasn’t much, he remarked.

Dave admitted in the podcast that chemo is having a “hell”-like effect on his hearing after mistaking Sonia for insomnia during a programme segment.

Earlier this month, Dave indicated that, given the circumstances, he was “doing okay” while battling cancer, but he acknowledged that he was missing his recognisable beard.

Is Dave Myers Married In 2022?

Dave Myers: Net Worth, Is Ill, How Is Doing, Is Married

Myers wed Liliana Orzac in 2011, whom he had met while filming Hairy Bikers for the BBC in Romania. He has two stepchildren from his previous union with Orzac. Myers and Si King collaborated on an autobiography titled The Hairy Bikers: Blood, Sweat, and Tyres in 2015.

The Hairy Bikers, aka Dave Myers and Si King, have a devoted following of foodies thanks to their approachable demeanour and straightforward cooking style. With their mouthwatering Hairy Bikers recipes(opens in new tab), they frequently emphasise traditional comfort food and well-done British cuisine.

It’s reasonable to assume that the two spend a lot of time together in the kitchen and travelling to different countries to film their well-liked travelogue cooking series. Many seem to wonder if the Hairy Bikers are indeed a relationship because they appear to be together so frequently.

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