March 28, 2023

Emma Olivia Watkins is a well-known Australian singer, actress, and dancer who is most recognised for having been a former member of the Wiggles. In 2022, she debuted Emma Memma, a fictional child character with a companion television series called Emma Memma: Sing. Dance. A sign is being created.

Emma Memma: Twirly Tuesday, Instagram, Net Worth

Emma Watkins, a former Wiggles performer, has introduced Emma Memma, a new child character.

Twirly Tuesday:

Join me, Emma Memma, and my new friend Elvin Melvin as we sing, dance, and sign! Twirly Tuesday, a new song, was sneak-previewed while signing the lyrics.

For all of those patient Wiggles fans, Emma Watkins has finally revealed her new character Emma Memma with her first video performance after months of teasers.

Emma shared her first video in character on Instagram, and we’re happy to report that her trademark red, curly hair and yellow(ish) clothing are still in style.


Emma Memma: Twirly Tuesday, Instagram, Net Worth

Numerous users have praised the new character on the former Wiggle’s Instagram page.

“We already watched it 10 times and my two-year-old love[s] it and says ‘ghemma!’,” one user wrote.

“Gorgeous! I am so excited and also relieved to have you back on our screens! Heavenly! Congratulations Em,” another user wrote.

Emma Memma’s slogan is “Sing. Dance. Sign.” She states that she thinks everyone in Australia should have a working knowledge of sign language, not just those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Emma revealed that she developed a liking for signing after meeting a buddy at school who had two hearing-impaired brothers while studying sign and earning a Diploma in Auslan during Covid.

Net Worth:

Emma Memma: Twirly Tuesday, Instagram, Net Worth

As of 2022, a $12 million estimate has been made for Emma’s net worth.

The astonishing figure of $12 million that Emma reportedly has as her net worth, according to Practical Parenting, is only little less than that of longtime Wiggle Anthony. It goes without saying that Emma is still positioned to achieve even greater things given that her career seems to be advancing year after year.

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