March 23, 2023

On Monday, the musical artist Lizzo announced that she has released a new version of her single “GRRRLS,” changing up the lyrics to eliminate a fabled slur that received some backlash over the weekend.

Grrrls Lizzo: Lyrics, Word, Song, Release Date, Change

Melissa Viviane Jefferson (born April 27, 1988), known professionally as Lizzo, is an American singer, rapper and songwriter. Born in Detroit, Michigan, she later moved to Houston, Texas, where she began performing before moving to Minneapolis, where she began her recording career in hip hop music.


Lizzo has heard the cry of her fans and is ready to change the lyrics to her hit single “GRRRLS.”

Today, Lizzo announced via social media that she’s going to release a new version of the GRRRLS song to remove “SP*Z,” a fabled slur featured in the previous version.

People were quick to address the song as one Twitter user addressed and explained why the term is harmful to the disability and mental illness community.


Lizzo talks about the “abusive language” in her new song “GRRRLS”, saying that she knows “power can be words.” See how she’s addressing criticism of her song.

Fans called him out for using derogatory language for the disabled. One Twitter user wrote, “As a black handicapped person / spastic cerebral palsy, I am upset that Lizzo used a capable ghoul in her song. A song of ‘sp@z’ Using or neglecting to understand the living in everyday language. The experiences of those who have to deal with convulsions on a daily basis.”


Grrrls Lizzo: Lyrics, Word, Song, Release Date, Change

About the song

Artist: Lizzo
Album: Grrrls
Released: 2022
Genre: Pop

Lizzo has decided to change the lyrics to “Grrls”, the latest single from her upcoming LP Special, after receiving criticism for using fabled language.

The original lyric of the song, “Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag / Do you see this shit? Ima Spaz,” has been replaced with “Do you see this shit? Hold me from behind.”

Release Date:


All eight episodes of Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls premiere Friday, March 25 on Prime Video in the US. For Lizzo fans in the UK or other parts of the world, the series won’t start on the streaming service until May 13.

Viewers can expect that the contestants of the series will not only go through nerve-racking auditions but also witness rigorous dance boot camps. Lizzo and her team are hoping to find only the best “fat” dancers.


Lizzo announced Monday that she has changed the song to her track “Grrls” after becoming aware of her latest single containing derogatory words for the disabled community.

In the opening lines of “Grrls”, Lizzo uses the term “spaz”, a pejorative term for spasticity which, according to the Collins Dictionary, defines “someone who is born with a disability that makes it difficult for them to lose their muscles.” It becomes difficult to control, especially in their hands and feet.”

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