March 23, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan has always expressed his respect towards women because of his upbringing. He spent most of his childhood growing up among women. He has a huge female fan base and over the years their numbers have steadily grown. Recently, the actor who is making headlines for his back-to-back release announcements surfaced an old video online where he talks about his connection to the women he works with.

He always expressed how all the women in his life always taught him to graciously ask for acceptance from women, but never get a forceful yes on projects. He had shared the same when he attended the World Economic Forum event in 2018.

Shah Rukh Khan's wives

A very important statement he made at the event was quoted by a leading entertainment publication as saying: “I was 14 when my dad died so I had a mother. My mother had no brother and her father had passed away. So I had three aunts and a grandmother. And then my mother died. Then I had a wife and then I had a daughter. And between those two, I started working with all the girls in the country when I became an actor.

Moreover, he added, “The whole idea of ​​what a woman changed when I started working with all the girls I worked with. They work harder than me. They come four or five hours before I even landed on the sets. They’re sort of considered secondary in the scheme of things in this world of cinema. It’s a man’s world. And they taught me that I owe them ask for a yes from them, sometimes implore, often beg, but never, never force a yes.”

Shah Rukh Khan's wives

Shah Rukh Khan has always been known for his charming and respectful attitude. This interview excerpt is further proof of why women around the world continue to look up to him.

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