March 23, 2023

In December 2015, Storm Frank tore into the little community of Ballater, which is close to the Queen’s Scottish estate of Balmoral. According to experts, this was the “most catastrophic winter flooding Britain had ever experienced,” which left some 600 homes and 100 businesses completely destroyed.

During one of the warmest and wettest Scottish winters on record, the River Dee burst its banks, causing flooding that severely damaged the homes and livelihoods of the locals. Most of the town was submerged in waist-deep water.

The Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II’s assistance after the floods, however, brought comfort to the citizens of the Aberdeenshire town.

The prince, who is now known as King Charles, was staying at Balmoral when the floods occurred in late December. He later went to Ballater to comfort those who had been impacted. He was seen as a key player in the cleanup effort and went on a “private visit” to check on the neighbourhood after the storm and floods to see how it was faring.

Prince Charles visited Ballater to comfort the grieving following Storm Frank, which struck in late December while he was visiting at Balmoral.

With the opening of a restaurant called The Rothesay Rooms, scheduled to open in November, he is now supporting the town’s redevelopment. He previously donated to a fundraising effort to rebuild the destroyed Ballater Caravan Park.

During her visit, the Queen checked on the project’s progress and received a tour of the property from members of the Prince’s charity, The Great Steward of Scotland’s Dumfries House Trust.

She visits the campground in the end of the day before going to a reception at the Ballater Golf Club to honour the village’s remarkable turnaround.

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