March 28, 2023

Igor Fyodorovich Maslennikov was a Soviet and Russian film director (26 October 1931 – 17 September 2022).

We provide details on Igor Maslennikov’s personal life in this blog, including his wiki, bio, net worth, wife, age, kids, cause of death.

Igor Maslennikov: Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Kids, Cause Of Death

Igor Maslennikov, the director of the “Winter Cherry” trilogy and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” movie series, died at the age of 91.

Born 26 October 1931

Nizhny Novgorod, Russian SFSR, USSR
Died 17 September 2022 (aged 90)

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Occupation Film director
Years active 1967–2002

Igor Maslennikov Wiki:

Igor Maslennikov: Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Kids, Cause Of Death

Maslennikov made his cinematic debut at the end of the 1960s with the release of the Personal Life of Kuzyaev Valentin, a movie about a senior student. He made movies for kids (Tomorrow and 3 April), sports movies (Racers), and historical costume dramas (Yaroslavna, the Queen of France).

Under a Stone Sky, a collaborative Soviet-Norwegian film that depicts the tragic events that took place in one of the Norwegian villages under Nazi occupation, was one of his projects. Sentimental, an autobiographical book by Vera Panova, was filmed by him.

Maslennikov experienced tremendous success after he began directing a series of movies starring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Vasily Livanov, Vitaly Solomin, Boryslav Brondukov, Rina Zelyonaya, and Nikita Mikhalkov were among the actors who were carefully chosen, and the director had an exceptional talent.

Igor Maslennikov Bio:

Igor Maslennikov: Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Kids, Cause Of Death

Born in Nizhny Novgorod, Maslennikov. He graduated from the journalism programme at Leningrad University in 1954 and went on to work as an editor, scriptwriter, and cameraman for Leningrad television. He enrolled in the Lenfilm Higher Directors’ Courses in 1965, where he eventually graduated and was appointed the studio’s director.

Igor Maslennikov Net Worth:

Igor Maslennikov had a net worth of $1.5 million at the time of death.

Igor Maslennikov Wife:

There isn’t much information available about his prior relationships or engagements. 

Igor Maslennikov Age:

He was 91 when he passed away.

Igor Maslennikov Kids:

According to sources, he had no children.

Igor Maslennikov Cause Of Death:

The cause of his death is not yet revealed.

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