March 28, 2023

Jack Harlow, a 24-year-old rapper from Louisville, Kentucky, ruffled the feathers a few weeks ago when he revealed he had no idea Brandy and Ray J were siblings. Much of the uproar criticized Jack’s place in the hip-hop and rap industry and accused him of ignoring important aspects of the culture. Nonetheless, the “First Class” rapper took the exam in stride and revealed that he credits much of his success to the support he receives from black women.

Black women are such a big part of my career,” Jack told Teen Vogue.

Jack Harlow’s goal is to “make people think not of Louisville hip-hop and only think of one white man”. And a big part of setting up her city is acknowledging not just the role black women played in the creation of hip-hop, but how black women impacted it as an individual and rapper.

I was telling the New York Times that it’s not a massive phenomenon for me because it’s just a continuation of what my life was like before I got famous. They will never have to worry about not being credited by me…I mean, I watch my shows and I see them. It’s one thing when you see memes and hear people talking about them, but it’s another when you’re traveling across the country and seeing them everywhere.

Jack’s praise for black women comes on the heels of Lil Uzi showing him love last week. Uzi said Harlow didn’t deserve the hate he was receiving and insisted white privilege played no part in his recent success. Harlow seems to agree, as he told Teen Vogue:

I like black women. I’ve loved black women all my life.

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