April 1, 2023

American actor James Earl Jones. For his roles in film, television, and theatre, he has been called “one of America’s most outstanding and varied” actors and “one of the greatest actors in American history.”

We provide details on James Earl Jones’ personal life in this blog, including his parents, siblings, wife and son, iii wiki.

James Earl Jones: Parents, Siblings, Wife And Son, III Wiki


James Earl Jones was born on January 17, 1931, in Arkabutla, Mississippi, to Ruth (née Connolly), a teacher and maid, and Robert Earl Jones, a boxer, butler, and driver (1910-2006).

Personal information
Born January 17, 1931 (age 91)


Arkabutla, Mississippi, U.S.
Alma mater University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Occupation Actor
Years active 1953–present
Works Full list
  • Julienne Marie

    (m. 1968; div. 1972)

  • Cecilia Hart

    (m. 1982; died 2016)

Children 1
  • Robert Earl Jones (Father)
  • Ruth Conolly (Mother)
Awards Full list

James Earl Jones Parents:

James Earl Jones: Parents, Siblings, Wife And Son, III Wiki

Robert Earl Jones and Ruth Conolly welcomed James Earl Jones into the world on January 17, 1931 in Arkabutla, Mississippi, the United States.

Soon after James Earl’s birth, his father left the family and eventually found work as an actor in New York and Hollywood. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Jones and his father reconnected that they became acquainted. He has claimed in interviews that both of his parents have a mixed background of African Americans, Irish, and Native Americans.

Jones’ paternal grandparents, John Henry and Maggie Connolly, who had made the Great Migration from Mississippi to Michigan, raised him on their farm in Jackson, Michigan, starting when he was five years old. Jones experienced a hard adjustment to moving in with his grandparents in Michigan and experienced such a severe stammer that he became mute. “I used to stammer. I was speechless. As a result, my first year of school was also my first year of being mute, and those years persisted until I entered high school.” He attributes his ability to break his silence to his English teacher Donald Crouch, who noticed he had a talent for composing poetry. He was persuaded by Crouch to recite poems aloud to the class as a way to overcome his fear to speak.

James Earl Jones Siblings:

James Earl Jones: Parents, Siblings, Wife And Son, III Wiki

He has a brother named Matthew Earl Jones.

James Earl Jones Wife And Son:

First Wife

James Earl Jones: Parents, Siblings, Wife And Son, III Wiki

Julienne Marie was James Earl Jones’ first wife.

Julienne is a well-known actress who has starred in renowned roles on stage and on television.

She appeared in the television shows Ryan’s Hope and Our Private World.

Julienne performed as a lead actress in various theatre shows, including The King and I, Gypsy, Charlie and Algernon, The Boys from Syracuse, and many others.

James Earl Jones and Julienne Marie got married in 1968 after they initially met in 1964.

In 1972, after four years of marriage, the two got a divorce.

Julienne was previously wed to Gerald Kean from 1955 to 1961 before she met Jones.

Second Wife

James Earl Jones: Parents, Siblings, Wife And Son, III Wiki

Jones remarried after his divorce from Julienne Marie.

Jones wed Cecilia Hart, another actress, in a subsequent union.

Cecilia is remembered for her roles in The Silent Lovers, Mr. Sunshine, and other stage and television productions.

Jones and Cecilia first became friends while co-starring on the network show Paris.

The two actors got married in 1982.

Until Cecilia’s ovarian cancer death in 2016, they remained wed.


James Earl Jones: Parents, Siblings, Wife And Son, III Wiki

There are no offspring between James Earl Jones and Julienne Marie.

He and Cecilia Hart are the parents of one boy named Flynn.

On June 22, 1982, Jones and Cecilia welcomed Flynn Earl Jones.

Despite having renowned parents, Flynn avoids being covered by the media.

James Earl Jones III Wiki:

Since the late 1970s, when funk and disco ruled the music industry, this musician has been literally surviving in recording studios. He got his start as a drummer and background singer in bands like Breakwater and the S.O.S. Music ensemble, which frequently featured hard-hitting programme players.

For at least a brief period, the last mentioned outfit’s commercial request for assistance was granted, and the general public anticipated having even more music to dance to. Adam Earl Jones III’s expedition has now been successfully launched and has featured both a professional and merely a basic manufacturer, engineer, and composer.

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