March 23, 2023

Jazz organist, trumpeter, saxophonist, and occasionally singer Joey DeFrancesco was from the United States. He put out more than 30 albums under his own name and did a tonne of sideman work with jazz greats including guitarist John McLaughlin, saxophonist Houston Person, and trumpeter Miles Davis.

Joey DeFrancesco: Net Worth, Wife, Children, Covid, Weight Loss

The year 1971 saw the birth of Joey DeFrancesco in Springfield, Pennsylvania. Three generations of jazz musicians were present in his musically inclined family when he was born. He was given the name Joseph DeFrancesco in honour of his grandpa, a jazz musician who played the clarinet and saxophone.

Net Worth:

At the time of his passing, Joey DeFrancesco’s net worth was thought to be around $2 million. Joey made a living as a trumpeter, saxophone, jazz organist, and singer.

The musician amassed a sizable wealth as a result of his well-liked and lauded musical talents.


Joey DeFrancesco: Net Worth, Wife, Children, Covid, Weight Loss

Gloria DeFrancesco

Gloria DeFrancesco is a loving and devoted wife. His lone daughter is raised by her.

After a brief courtship, Joey DeFrancesco and Gloria DeFrancesco were married in 2011. Last year, they celebrated ten years of blissful marriage.

Gloria DeFrancesco is also a singer, but up until her husband’s passing, she served as his manager.


Ashley Blue Defrancesco is the daughter of Joey DeFrancesco and Gloria DeFrancesco.


Joey DeFrancesco: Net Worth, Wife, Children, Covid, Weight Loss

Joey DeFrancesco, who reigned as jazz’s undisputed ace for more than 30 years and brought the wonderfully enveloping sound of the Hammond B-3 organ roaring back into the mainstream in the early 1990s, passed away on Thursday. He was 51.

His manager and wife, Gloria DeFrancesco, posted an announcement of his passing on social media without giving a reason.

Joey DeFrancesco, an orchestrator, is back in our region. This weekend, he will be at the Blue LLama Jazz Club in Ann Arbor. He discussed his latest album with 89.1 Jazz host Michael Jewett as well as the situation of the music industry in the COVID era and the late Dr. Lonnie Smith’s enduring legacy.

Weight Loss:

Joey Defrancesco lost weight and experienced issues with how his body measured, all of which have been related to his demise. It was claimed that for a very long period, his physical condition and overall health had been deteriorating.

On August 25, 2022, the jazz musician passed away at his residence. However, according to other sources, the deceased had been battling fatal health issues for a while. His organs that are necessary for survival were damaged, and his health continued to deteriorate.

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