March 31, 2023

$15 Million

John Farnham Net Worth: Australian pop artist John Farnham, who was born in England, has a $15 million dollar fortune. In July 1949, John Farnham was born in Dagenham, Essex, England. In the 1960s and 1970s, he was a teen idol before transitioning into adult contemporary music. Farnham has primarily performed as a solo artist, however from 1982 to 1985 he served as the band’s temporary lead vocalist.

John Farnham ‘s Salary / Income:

Per Year: $ 4,00,000
Per Month: $ 32,000
Per Week: $ 8,000

John Farnham Net Worth- How Much Does He Earn?

John Peter Farnham was born on July 1, 1949, in Dagenham, England, to Rose (née Pemberton) Farnham and John Peter Farnham Sr. Jean and Jaquiline are his sisters, while Steven is his younger brother. Before his family immigrated to Australia in 1959 to live in Melbourne, Victoria, Farnham spent the first ten years of his life in the United Kingdom. He went to school at Lyndale High School, Lyndale Primary School, and Yarraman Park State School, which is now known as Yarraman Oaks Primary School.

On April 11, 1973, Farnham wed Jillian Billman, a dancer he had met while appearing in the play Charlie Girl. Robert and James, their two boys, were born in. Farnham is a fan of the Australian Football League team North Melbourne Football Club. His home is a farm close to Bendigo.

Farnham uses hearing aids and has tinnitus as a result of years of performing at loud concerts.

Farnham postponed a tour of Australia in 2019 because to a serious renal ailment and dehydration. After that, he stopped smoking and cut back on his drinking consumption.

Farnham said in a statement on August 23, 2022, that he had been diagnosed with cancer and would need immediate surgery.

“Cancer diagnosis is something that so many individuals face every single day, and many others have walked this route before me,” he stated in this statement.

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