March 23, 2023

American professional basketball player Kevin Wayne Durant plays for the National Basketball Association’s Brooklyn Nets. In the 2007 NBA Draft, the Seattle SuperSonics selected him as the number two overall pick after one season of collegiate basketball for the Texas Longhorns.

Kevin Durant: Damian Lillard Pic, Edited Photo, Photoshop, Instagram Story


NBA superstars posting doctored photographs on social media and NBA trade rumours are two different things.

Damian Lillard Pic:

Damian Lillard has already fueled the already wacky fire by posting a doctored image of Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant wearing a Trail Blazers uniform next to Lillard on his Instagram account on Saturday.

The image first surfaced on Instagram on Saturday afternoon in a narrative, where it was scheduled to disappear after 24 hours. However, the image was quickly removed from Lillard’s Instagram account.

The image circulated on Twitter for long enough to generate some buzz and rumours.

Edited Photo:

Kevin Durant: Damian Lillard Pic, Edited Photo, Photoshop, Instagram Story


When it comes to trade and free agency speculations in the NBA offseason, the Brooklyn Nets are at the forefront, primarily because of Kyrie Irving. Irving’s future is reportedly intimately connected to Kevin Durant, though.

The star forward might ask for a trade himself if Irving is dealt or not granted the significant extension to match Durant’s salary. Damian Lillard, the top guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, entered the situation at that point and raised the stakes.


On a Saturday Instagram story, the Trail Blazers’ accurate shooter made a direct appeal to Kevin Durant to visit Portland.

It appears that he received assistance, unless he possesses Photoshop expertise in addition to his basketball and hip-hop skills.

Around midday on Saturday, Lillard shared the picture of him wearing a Trail Blazers uniform and standing next to Durant. It vanished by Saturday night. But he left it up long enough for social media users, including his teammate Jusuf Nurkic, to take some screenshots.

Instagram Story:

Kevin Durant: Damian Lillard Pic, Edited Photo, Photoshop, Instagram Story

This weekend, Lillard is actively recruiting Durant on Instagram. He shared a photo of Durant sporting the Trail Blazers’ No. 35 jersey on Saturday.

Social media was rocked by the message, and some users accused Lillard of meddling. Others offered speculative trade proposals for the forward for the Nets.

Even Blazers centre Jusuf Nurkic joined the chaos on Twitter by adding puzzle pieces to the photo that had been altered.

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