March 28, 2023

Kiely Rodni, 16, was reported missing from the Truckee, California, area two weeks ago. On Sunday, Adventures with Purpose revealed that its team of search-and-rescue divers had discovered her body.

KCRA 3 was informed by Adventures With Purpose that their team employs sonar, which is probably why they discovered the automobile in the same area as the agencies’ boat searches.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office announced earlier on Sunday morning that seven people were assigned to Rodni’s case. That number decreased from 73 employees on Friday. Kiely’s last known location was 80 miles away, and seven aircraft were searching that area. Authorities have received close to 2,000 community tips.

Rodni had also been put by the FBI to their database of missing people.

Why it needed Adventures with Purpose to get involved before law enforcement could possibly have an update on their search is being questioned by many members of the community.

Who Is Adventures With Pupose Team?

Know About Adventure With Pupose Dive Team In Kiely Rodni Case

A typical film includes an explanation of the case by a team of divers, images of the missing person, and context-rich news footage. Before going to the location they intend to search, the divers will describe the study they have done.

Within the Tahoe National Forest, close to the Prosser Family Campground, the group had been looking for roughly two days. Following a gathering with between 200 and 300 youths and young adults, Kiely vanished in the campground at around 12:30 in the morning on August 6.

According to social media posts, the AWP divers had been scouring the campground on a peninsula at Prosser Creek Reservoir.

The group started producing YouTube videos in 2018, and it currently has 2.42 million subscribers. 1.4 million people follow Adventures with Purpose on Facebook, and 126,000 people follow them on Instagram.

The YouTube playlists for the organisation feature a variety of videos on topics like underwater treasure seeking, missing boat searches, recovering stolen vehicles, and discovering stolen weapons.

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