March 24, 2023

Salman Khan and her father, Salim Khan, recently received a threatening letter that sounded extremely serious. Right after the death of singer Sindhu Moose Wala, a letter was reportedly sent to Salim Khan stating that Salman Khan would soon encounter a similar outcome.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi denies threatening Salman Khan.

However, this did not stop Salman Khan from continuing his work. Mumbai police have been alerted and security has been stepped up significantly for the protection of Salman Khan and his family. While further investigations have been ongoing since the threat, new revelations have now come to light.

Salman Khan threatened after the murder of Siddhu Moosewala.

As reported by Bombay Times, Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi was questioned by Delhi Police regarding both the threatening letter sent to Salman Khan and the death of Sidhu Moose Wala. He is currently behind bars and has denied involvement in any of the allegations made.

A tweet was shared after the end of the investigation which read: “According to Delhi Police, the mobster also stated that he was not involved in the case. The tweet read: ‘Delhi Police have questioned jailed mobster Lawrence Bishnoi in connection with actor Salman Khan’s threatening letter. He said he had nothing to do with this matter and did not know who issued this letter.”

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