April 1, 2023

Miss Lou, also known as Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley, was a poet, folklorist, writer, and educator from Jamaica who lived from 7 September 1919 to 26 July 2006. Bennett worked to preserve the tradition of reciting poetry, folk songs, and stories in patois (the “nation language”), establishing the legitimacy of regional languages for literary expression. Bennett wrote and performed her poems in Jamaican Patois or Creole.

Louise Bennett: Net Worth, Husband, Children, Astrazeneca

Born Louise Simone Bennett
7 September 1919
Kingston, Jamaica
Died 26 July 2006 (aged 86)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Resting place National Heroes Park
(Kingston, Jamaica)
Pen name Miss Lou
  • Poet
  • folklorist
  • writer
  • educator
  • Jamaican Patois
  • English
Nationality Jamaican
Education Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Years active 1945–1999
Eric Winston Coverley

(m. 1954; died 2002)

Children 1

Bennett’s contributions to Jamaican literature and theatre have garnered her a number of honours and accolades. Miss Lou’s Room is a location that Harbourfront Centre, a non-profit cultural organisation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has named in honour of her accomplishments. The Louise Bennett Exchange Fellowship in Caribbean Literary Studies is offered by the University of Toronto to students from the University of the West Indies.

Net Worth:

The estimated range of Louise Bennett-net Coverley’s worth or income is $1 million to $10 million. Her major occupation as a poet has brought her a significant amount of cash.


Louise Bennett: Net Worth, Husband, Children, Astrazeneca

m. 1954–2002

She was married to Eric Winston Coverley.

Her husband, passed away in 2002. From 30 May 1954 until his passing in August 2002, her husband was a pioneering actor and theatre promoter in Jamaica.


Bennett and Coverley had a son named Fabian.


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