March 28, 2023

Maxwell Fraser, better known by his stage name Maxi Jazz (14 June 1957 – 23 December 2022), was a British musician, rapper, singer, songwriter, and DJ. His work as the main singer of the British electronic band Faithless from 1995 to 2011 and from 2015 to 2016 is what made him most famous.

Maxi Jazz dies aged 65

Faithless’ lead singer Maxi Jazz passed away at the age of 65. The DJ and musician, real name Maxwell Fraser, was a key player in the group, well known for the club hit Insomnia. The sad passing of Maxi Jazz has sparked an outpouring of sorrow and prayers on social media.

Maxi Jazz Wife

Was Maxi Jazz married?

Maxi Jazz led a life away from the spotlight of the media. There is no information regarding his wife because he led a secluded life.

Maxi Jazz Illness

At the age of 65, Maxi Jazz, the lead vocalist of the electronic band Faithless, passed suddenly. Maxi Jazz passed away quietly yesterday night at his South London residence. His friends and supporters were devastated when they learned this tragic news on Christmas Eve.

Maxi Jazz Wife, Illness, Cause Of Death

According to the statement that Faithless posted alongside the tribute message on their social media, he passed away last night at home. His reason of death, however, was not mentioned in that post.

Maxi Jazz Cause Of Death

The Faithless band said on Facebook on Saturday that they were “heartbroken to announce Maxi Jazz passed away last night.” He was a person who profoundly altered our lives in many ways.

Maxi Jazz passed away quietly in his sleep on December 23, 2022, although the true cause of his death is still unknown. Details of his funeral, we anticipate, will be released soon.

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