March 24, 2023

NBA Assistant Coach Salary: The salaries of assistant coaches in the NBA vary greatly between teams, coaching experience, and state. In the US, some states have higher average salary payments for their assistant trainers. Sometimes, depending on the role of the assistant coach, the pay rate may vary.

NBA Assistant Coach Salary: Highest, Lowest, Average, List 2022


According to an article in The Washington Post published on New Year’s Day 2019, the salary of an NBA assistant coach ranges from $100,000 to over $1 million depending on coaching experience.


It depends on their coaching experience in the field and how well they perform their duties.

Highly ranked assistant coaches in the NBA can earn up to $61,000 per year for performing at a higher level.

Looking at a more broad spectrum, higher-ranking NBA assistant coaches can make more money annually.


The lowest paid head coach pulls in $2 million. Not bad when you play 82 games a year. That’s about $25,000 per game. In addition, assistant coaches with low experience levels in the NBA can earn a very small amount.

For example, lower (or at least ranked) assistant coaches in the NBA can earn around $25,000 each year. Generally, the duties of assistant coaches in the NBA are similar to those of head coaches. They all have the responsibility of guiding and training basketball players till they polish their athletic skills with discipline and sportsmanship in the team.

Assistant coaches are often the backbone of the team. Assistant coaches love their job because they love the game of basketball. And they are definitely not in it for the money.


NBA Assistant Coach Salary: Highest, Lowest, Average, List 2022

The answer to the average assistant coach salary is highly varied. A recent survey shed some light on the amount, which averages $40,000.

The amount they take home is influenced by experience and skill. The average NBA assistant coach salary in 2022 is approximately $40,000.

A team’s location is also a big factor in determining how much they earn. Some regions are known to pay higher salaries to their assistant National Basketball Association coaches than others.

List 2022:

Before we dive into the list, keep in mind that basketball coaches’ salaries aren’t always made as public as players’ salaries. The reason is simple – there are no limits, and teams don’t want to reveal all of their cards publicly.

Beginner $2 Million
Intermediate $2.8 Million
Professional $3 to $5 Million
Top Professional $7 to $11 Million

Most coaches do not have long careers as heads of their teams. In fact, only two active NBA head coaches have been at the helm of their teams for more than 10 years: Eric Spoelstra, who recently entered his 14th year with the Miami Heat, and Greg Popovich for more than 24 years. With Spurs! 

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