March 26, 2023

With its NPR West offices located in Culver City, California, NPR (National Public Radio) is a nonprofit media company with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

NPR: Veralyn Williams, Jessica Placzek, Members

The public radio network in the US is called National Public Radio (NPR). NPR, a Washington, D.C.-based organisation, provides hundreds of regional public radio stations with a wide variety of top-notch news and cultural programming.

Veralyn Williams:

This week, Veralyn Williams joined NPR as an Executive Producer in charge of It’s Been a Minute and The Limits, contributing to the development and direction of both programmes.

Additionally, she will collaborate with the Content Development Team on trial projects to expand the number of voices on NPR. In order to grow new audiences for radio, podcasts, and digital media, Veralyn will work closely with individuals across NPR and from outside the organisation.

Veralyn has worked on launching, producing, reporting on, and shaping series like Slate Represent, Family Ghosts, Radio Rookies, and The Stakes. Previously, she served as executive producer for WNYC’s United States of Anxiety.

Jessica Placzek:

Beginning on July 18, Jessica Placzek will work at It’s Been a Minute as the Supervising Editor. Jessica will design and direct the editorial vision for the upcoming IBAM season while looking for ways to increase the program’s reach in her current position.

With shows like Mindshift, Rightnowish, Consider This, Sold Out, Bay Curious, and The Bay under her belt, Jessica was the senior editor of podcasts at KQED and the editorial head of her division.

At KQED, KPFA, and KALW, she has also worked as a reporter and an audio producer. She edited the audio work that the male inmates at California State Prison Solano created for the Uncuffed podcast via KALW while she was teaching them audio production.


NPR: Veralyn Williams, Jessica Placzek, Members

  • John Lansing, president and CEO
  • Jarl Mohn, president emeritus, board member of NPR Foundation, and co-chair of NPR’s 50th anniversary capital campaign.
  • Paul G. Haaga, Jr., chair of the board of directors
  • Howard Wollner, president of the NPR Foundation
  • Christopher Turpin, Acting Senior Vice President, News, and Editorial Director
  • Stacey Foxwell, vice president of operations
  • Sarah Gilbert, acting vice president for news programming and operations

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