March 23, 2023

Oh Sita, Hey Rama, composed by Vishal Chandrashekar and sung by SPB Charan in Telugu and Tamil, was released earlier this month by the creators of “Sita Ramam”, featuring Dulquer Salman, Mrunal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna. SPB Charan explained why he chose to sing the song, his collaboration with music composer and vocals for Dulquer Salman, and the special feature of the song Oh Sita, Hey Rama.

“Although each song is important and very special to me, the song ‘Oh Sita, Hey Rama’ is fascinating, it’s a timeless beautiful song, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to sing this song for the version Tamil and Telugu. When I listened to the final product, I thought this song was going to be a big hit,” he said.

Oh Sita, hi Rama

Charan continues, “When you are going to sing a song, you want to give it your all, I had a strong feeling when I first heard the song that it will be loved by everyone. But I didn’t expect that. .to be a massive hit, and the song as a whole is truly magnificent.

When asked about the lyrics of the song Oh Sita, Hey Rama, Charan said, “As a singer, I would like to highlight the overall lineup of the song, the atmosphere, the feel of the melody and the way the string section comes together. sets up, and once again, congratulations to Vishal Bro for an amazing job.”

So what prompted him to perform the song? He says the song’s melody and Pallavi drew him in, and the syncopation was so different that he was convinced he wanted to try this difficult song with a nice tempo.

Oh Sita, hi Rama

Charan says that when it came to performing a song for Dulquer Salman, he said, “Once I realized that Dulquer Salman was the lead role in this movie, I was hoping this movie would be made as well. in Tamil, and I would get the opportunity to sing in Tamil and Telugu. I’m glad I did both. I would have liked to sing the Malayalam version too. For Dulquer Salman, this is my first song. His talent is something I greatly admire. I’m grateful to be able to sing a song for another great performer, and I hope Dulquer enjoyed it as much as I did.

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