March 28, 2023

Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero co-founded the now-defunct Guadalajara Cartel in the late 1970s with Miguel ngel Félix Gallardo and other drug dealers. He founded the newly established Caborca Cartel, which is centered in Sonora, and is thought to be its current boss.

Rafael Caro Quintero: Net Worth, Wife, Children, Where Is Now 2022

Rafael Caro Quintero, a notorious drug lord who is accused of ordering the murder of a U.S. DEA agent in 1985, was apprehended by Mexican troops on Friday, over ten years after he escaped from a Mexican prison and resumed drug trafficking, according to the Mexican navy.

Net Worth:

Rafael Caro Quintero
Net Worth 2022 $650 Million
Salary N/A
Source of income Drug Dealer

As of 2022, Rafael Caro Quintero has a net worth of $650 Million.

A founding member of the long-gone Guadalajara Cartel. One of his most notorious crimes, for which Quintero was ultimately found guilty, was his part in the abduction and murder of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena. He lost his final petition to stay in Mexico and escape extradition to the US for accusations related to the kidnapping and murder in March 2021.


Rafael Caro Quintero: Net Worth, Wife, Children, Where Is Now 2022

He is married to Diana Espinoza Aguilar

In 1984, he ran into her once more at a nightclub, when they brawled over him dancing and making advances toward her. His 30-year-old wife Nayeli and their 2-year-old daughter were taken to a nearby hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The 26-year-old was the nephew of El Chapo’s three sons, Ovidio Guzmán, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán, and Jesus Alfredo Guzman, with whom Rafael Caro Quintero has been engaged in a power struggle. Due to this relationship, the amount of cocaine smuggled into the United States in the late 1970s significantly increased.


Rafael is the father of four children

Héctor Rafael Caro Elenes
Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes
Mario Yibrán Caro Elenes
Henoch Emilio Caro Elenes
Date(s) of Birth Used October 24, 1952 / October 3, 1952 / November 28, 1952

October 24, 1955 / November 24, 1955 / March 9, 1963

Place of Birth Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico
Hair Gray (Formerly black)
Eyes Brown
Height 1,60
Weight 159-170 pounds
Sex Male
Nationality Mexican
Language(s) Spanish
Race Mixed (Mestizo)
Remarks Caro-Quintero is known to frequent the area of Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Caro-Quintero also has previous ties to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Where Is Now 2022:

Rafael Caro Quintero: Net Worth, Wife, Children, Where Is Now 2022

According to the Mexican navy, Rafael Caro Quintero, a drug baron dubbed “the narco of narcos” who was responsible for the 1985 murder of a US drug enforcement official, has been apprehended by Mexican troops nearly ten years after escaping from jail.

During a combined operation by the military and the attorney general’s office, Caro Quintero was apprehended after a search dog named Max discovered him hidden in undergrowth near the town of San Simon in the state of Sinaloa, according to a navy statement. The location was in the highlands close to Sinaloa’s border with Chihuahua in the north.

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