March 24, 2023

Riley Gaines gained notoriety on Wednesday when she testified in favor of overriding Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of Senate Bill 83, popularly known as the Save Women’s Sports Act, in the Kentucky state senate.

Riley Gaines: Net Worth, Salary, Career Earnings

Riley Gaines is a female competitive swimmer on the University of Kentucky team that she spoke with after joining biological man, Lia Thomas, at the NCAA Championships. Gaines believes the integrity of single-sex sports should be protected.

Net Worth:

Her net worth has been increasing significantly in 2021-22, but the amount of her net worth is not known.

Riley Gaines recalls the day when she saw Lia Thomas compete for the first time in the 2022 NCAA Swimming Championships. The 500-yard freestyle was the event.

Thomas, who swam for three years as Will Thomas for the University of Pennsylvania Men’s Swim Team before moving to the Women’s Team as Lia last autumn, has gained notoriety both in and outside of the pool for his record-breaking feats and the havoc he has wreaked on female swimmers.


She has not yet revealed her salary.

While there is much discussion on whether trans people should be allowed to compete in female sports, the WSCA put out a “solution” to establish a Trans Division. According to the WSCA, the Trans Division will permit “Trans Females” and “Trans Males” to compete against one another in races.

“There is an argument that the trans males have been utterly lost in this debate because they are uncompetitive in our current structure,” the statement goes on to argue. This would make it possible to include people of uncertain gender in such a solution.

Career Earnings:

Riley Gaines: Net Worth, Salary, Career Earnings

Gaines, a University of Kentucky swimmer, is earning a good fortune in her career.

Brad Gaines is the father of multiple-time SEC top dog Riley. In addition, her mother is a Telisha. Both her parents are also competitors.

His father played football at Vanderbilt, although his mother played softball at Austin Pay.

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