March 23, 2023

The well-liked teatime quiz show Richard Osman’s House of Games will premiere a new season on BBC Two on Monday, September 5.

The new season will consist of 100 episodes and last for 20 weeks.

Everything you need to know about House of Games series 6 by Richard Osman is provided here.

Richard Osman’s House Of Games Guests This Week

This week’s episode of Richard Osman’s House of Games features musical comedian Rob Deering as one of its guests.

Comedy fans will be familiar with Deering as a performer who can adapt any song into a skit. You won’t be able to get his coffee-themed acid house parody song out of your brain after you’ve heard it, I can assure you of that.

Following a quickfire round at the conclusion of each show, a daily winner is announced. The scores are totaled throughout the week, and an overall champion is announced on Friday.

Deering is also well-known for his charitable work for Parkinson’s UK, which he supports deeply because his father has the disease. He frequently plans concerts for the organization and runs marathons to raise money. His next Shake With Laughter performance is scheduled for October 10.

Richard Osman is the host of the teatime quiz show House of Games, which features a different celebrity each week. Instead of the kind of simple general knowledge questions you might have seen on Osman’s other shows like Pointless and Two Tribes, it’s more about brainteasers and cryptic hints.

The celebrity might, for instance, be required to press their buzzer at the same moment the song’s lyrics begin after hearing the first few bars of the song. Alternately, pupils might be requested to annotate a map with the position of a specific landmark, such as the place where Trotsky was born or the National Mint. There are also a variety of team rounds, which include emoji guessing games and pictionary-style challenges.

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