March 28, 2023

Cricket referee for international competition Rudi Koertzen. He has always loved playing cricket, and while working as a clerk for South African Railways, he participated in league cricket. He started off as an umpire in 1981 before switching to full-time work eleven years later.

Rudi Koertzen: Slow Finger, Wife, Last Match, Net Worth

After Rudi Koertzen, a South African umpire known for his long, deliberate finger of fate when throwing a player out, passed away in a vehicle accident at the age of 73, the cricket community has been paying respect to him.

Slow Finger:

The world’s batsmen will sigh with pleasure when South African umpire Rudi Koertzen retires from international cricket next month, since they will no longer have to contend with his infamous “slow finger of death.”

Rudi Koertzen: Slow Finger, Wife, Last Match, Net Worth

Every umpire has a signature; mine was that. It was dubbed the “slow finger of death” by the media, which I thought was fairly intriguing. But there’s a backstory to it. When I originally started off as an umpire, I used to extend my hands out in front of me and fold them up against my ribs whenever there was an appeal. Someone warned me, “Rudi, you can’t do that, the bowler thinks you’re going to give him a wicket every time you lift your hands to fold it.” I then began to tighten my wrists at the rear. I have to let go of my hold on the finger in the back, which takes some time.


Rudi Koertzen’s wife, Hyla, was a professional cricket umpire.

Rudi Koertzen and Hyla Koertzen were wed for a few years and remained partners up until his passing. Two sons and two daughters were born to the couple.

Hyla’s identity was made public by her husband Rudi in an interview, but little else is known about her.

Last Match:

Rudi Koertzen: Slow Finger, Wife, Last Match, Net Worth

Koertzen last participated in a representative game in an IPL game between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings in Bengaluru in 2011. He continued to officiate a few games in his hometown of Despatch at the time of his passing and assisted Despatch Cricket Club with pitch preparation.


Umpire & Referee

Format Mat Umpire TV Umpire
Test 128 108 20
ODI 250 209 41
T20I 19 14 5
WT20I 1 1  
FC 28 27 1
List A 59 57 2
T20 74 63 11

Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Rudi Koertzen is $9 million. Successful cricketer Rudi Koertzen has earned a good amount of money over the course of his career.

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