March 23, 2023

Ryan Kelley was arrested by the FBI on Thursday from his home in Allendale, Michigan. He is due to appear in US District Court in Grand Rapids later on Thursday.

Ryan Kelley Michigan: Wiki, Age, Biography, Wife, Political Party


Ryan Kelley (Republican Party) is running for governor of Michigan. He is on the ballot in the Republican primary on August 2, 2022.

On June 9, 2022, he was arrested on four misdemeanor charges related to his alleged involvement in the January 6, 2022 US Capitol breach.

Ryan Kelly has not yet completed Ballotpedia’s 2022 Candidate Connection Survey. Ballotpedia is calling for 100% participation so that voters can know more about all the candidates on their ballots.


40 years

Ryan Kelley is 40 years old.

Ryan is a small business owner serving clients throughout Michigan. Ryan graduated from Jenison High School in 1999.

Ryan Kelley Michigan: Wiki, Age, Biography, Wife, Political Party

He attended Grand Rapids Community College and worked on a degree in electronics engineering before starting to work for the CWA (Communications Workers of America) union at Ameritech, which later became SBC and now AT&T.


Family life has always been the foundation of Ryan’s life and in 2019, his family traveled from coast to coast, staying in their RV for 5 months, enjoying all the beauty that America has to offer.

After moving back to West Michigan and settling in Allendale in September of 2019, Ryan opened his current real estate firm, and was appointed to the Allendale Township Planning Commission.

Standing firmly up to American values ​​and American history, Ryan is about. During riots across the United States in the summer of 2020, exercising his Second Amendment rights, he protected a Civil War statue in his hometown of Allende after it was threatened with being taken down by the BLM and Antifa. This statue still stands there today.


Ryan Kelley is married to Tabitha Kelley.

Ryan Kelley lives in Allendale with his wife Tabitha Kelley and five children. The couple has been married for over a decade and is living a happy life.

Political Party:

Republican Party

Ryan Kelley Michigan: Wiki, Age, Biography, Wife, Political Party

FBI agents arrested Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley on misdemeanor charges related to the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

The arrest and search at Kelly’s home in Allendale outside Grand Rapids adds further uncertainty to a chaotic race for governor, which has blocked five Republican candidates from ballots for submitting fake nomination petition signatures.

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