March 24, 2023

Sean Daniel O’Malley is a trained mixed martial artist from the United States. He currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Bantamweight division. He is ranked #13 in the UFC bantamweight standings as of March 21, 2022.

Sean O’Malley: Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Career Earnings, Endorsements

Sean O’Malley is an American professional mixed martial artist. He is earning a good amount of wealth from his career. So, let’s take a look at his income details and career earnings!

Net Worth:

In 2022, it is predicted that Sean O’Malley has a net worth of $1.1 million.

O’Malley has a whopping $581,500 in earnings from his seven UFC appearances. According to The Sports Daily, he received a sizable sum of $145,000 for his bout against Thomas Almeida at UFC 260.

Name Sean O’Malley
Age 27 years old (Born 1994)
Net Worth $1.1 million
Status Active
Salary $256,000 ( last fight vs Raulian Paiva)
Source of Wealth UFC Career, Endorsements
Endorsements  Reebok, Venum,, Sanabul, Dr. Dabber, MyBookieMMA, King Palm, and more.
Endorsement Earnings $500,000


Sean O'Malley: Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Career Earnings, Endorsements

As of 2022, the estimated salary of Sean O’Malley is $256,000.

Sean apparently earns $4,500 per month from playing Twitch ‘Fortnite’ games in addition to hefty endorsement deals from his Octagon fights.

Reebok, Venum,, Sanabul, Dr. Dabber, MyBookieMMA, King Palm, and other companies currently support the American fighter.


O’Malley just climbed into the top 15 in the 135 lb division and has two fights left on his current deal.

In his fights, O’Malley demonstrates his excellent striking and defensive abilities. With 57 percent significant strike accuracy, 50 percent takedown accuracy, 64 percent significant strike defence, and 60 percent takedown defence in the UFC, he excels in standup combat.

Additionally, Sugar Sean is a superb fighter since he has the ability to change fighting positions as needed throughout the fight.

Career Earnings:

Sean O'Malley: Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Career Earnings, Endorsements

Total UFC Earnings: $1,147,000 ($1.147 million)

Fighter Result Base Salary  Win Bonus Performance Bonus/ PPV Revenue Incentive Pay/ Sponsorships Total 
Raulian Paiva W $100,000 $100,000 $50,000 $6,000 $256,000
Kris Moutinho W $90,000 $90,000 $75,000 $6,000 $261,000
Thomas Almeida W $60,000 $60,000 $50,000 $5,000 $175,000
Marlon Vera L $60,000 $0 $4,000 $64,000
Eddie Wineland W $40,000 $40,000 $50,000 $4,000 $134,000
José Alberto Quiñónez W $35,000 $35,000 $50,000 $3,500 $123,500
Andre Soukhamthath W $22,000 $22,000 $50,000 $3,500 $97,500
Terrion Ware W $10,000 $10,000 $3,500 $23,500
Alfred Khashakyan W $5,000 $5,000 $2,500 $12,500


Sean O’ Malley demonstrated this week that he is swiftly rising to the top of the UFC fighter rankings without ever striking out. O’Malley is expecting to make a lot of money outside the octagon as his stock continues to climb, following in the footsteps of individuals like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

Even though he already has a number of lucrative endorsement deals, he is also starting his own business after learning that the cut of his contract with Reebok, a significant UFC sponsor, wasn’t quite what he had anticipated. O’Malley, who is starting his own clothing line, made more money in a minute than he did working for Reebok for two years.

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