March 28, 2023

Shaan paid a moving tribute to the late iconic KK singer at a recent event. Shaan shared a video of his performance where he paid tribute to his close friend, singer KK by singing his famous song Pal. Fans were moved after this heartfelt performance.

As it happens, Shaan said he would like to start with a worthy tribute to KK. Fans cheered as Shaan sang Pal’s lines. Meanwhile, photos of KK and Shaan were displayed on a large LED screen. Sharing videos on social media, Shaan wrote, “Remembering Kakes. I don’t know why, but that’s what I call him Kakes.

Shaan pays tribute to the late KK singer

Shaan had also penned a moving note when the tragic news of KK’s death rocked the industry. He wrote: “Life breaks you little by little…And once in a while…It destroys you…KK will always remain this eternal boy, who refused to grow up…He remained pure, uncorrupted…How he did it through all these years… It’s been kept simple and straight from the heart.

KK died on May 31 following a severe heart attack.

Shaan pays tribute to the late KK singer

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