March 26, 2023

Addressing queer stories has become a very common plot line when it comes to Indian cinema. Slowly but surely audiences are embracing these interesting stories and the films are winning accolades for their brilliant and sensitive portrayal of the same.

Recently, one of the short films that managed to strike a chord with the public is Sheer Qorma, which features powerful talents such as Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta and Swara Bhaskar. This Indian short tackles LGBTQ romance and has already won accolades for its direction.

Divya Dutta shared her feelings about winning big for the film, “I’m so honored to have won Best Actor, Rainbow Voices at KASHISH 2022 for Sheer Qorma – a film that will always be very, very close to my heart. I am grateful to Faraz for writing my character Saira with so much nuance and for making the film with so much integrity, love and honesty. Very grateful to Marijke for producing the film with so much love. I know Sheer Qorma will be a landmark for Indian cinema for generations to come. Thanks to Sridhar and the Kashish team for celebrating our film.

Pure Qorma

Swara Bhaskar was also delighted with this recognition and added, “I am obviously honored but also extremely gratified to win the award for best actor, Rainbow Voices in Kashish. I feel a recognition in Kashish, it is a recognition by the family. I always told Faraz that this movie has a higher purpose, literally to make people/opponents and allies realize that love is not a sin. This award is a boost for us and I am grateful to Sridhar, the Kashish jury and always to Faraz and Marijke for giving me a bite of this delicious comforting Qorma they concocted!

Producer Marijke DSouza, who won the Best Producer award, said, “I am honored to have won the Rainbow Voices Best Producer award in Kashish 2022 for our film, Sheer Qorma. I decided to do Sheer Qorma to open up a broader conversation about acceptance and love in mainstream cinema, not only in South Asian communities, but also around the world. Sheer Qorma celebrates love in all its forms and we are so grateful to see our film garnering so much love and accolades around the world. Thanks to Sridhar Rangayan and the Kashish team for honoring our film.

Pure Qorma

Director, Faraz Arif Ansari was also overwhelmed by such a positive response from viewers and concluded by saying, “Winning the Best Director award, the Rainbow Voices award for Sheer Qorma and integrating queer narratives into film – a such an honor, really! Sheer Qorma truly celebrates and honors so many minorities and I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to bring this story to life. The film continues to win awards around the world, but winning something back home in India and that too at South Asia’s biggest queer film festival – wow! It really is such a humbling experience! Miles to go, so much more to do because we have to make love win again and again and again. Thank you, Sridhar Rangayan and the entire Kashish team for this honour!

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