March 28, 2023

Stephanie McMahon Levesque is an American businesswoman and retired professional wrestler. She is the interim Chief Executive Officer and Chairwoman of WWE and appears as an authority figure on the Raw, NXT and SmackDown brands.

Stephanie McMahon: CEO, Net Worth (Updated), Comments, Contract, Steps Down, Affair, Shares 2022

Stephanie McMahon is currently stepping down to become interim WWE President and CEO, reportedly not getting along with a top executive behind the scenes.


Vince has been named interim WWE President and CEO.

Vince McMahon has temporarily stepped down as chairman and CEO of WWE in the wake of an internal investigation into the $3 million payment from Vince McMahon to a former employee.

Stephanie McMahon—who recently took a leave of absence—has been named interim WWE President and CEO in her place.

Net Worth (Updated):

Net Worth: $150 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 24, 1976 (45 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Wrestler, Screenwriter, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

Stephanie McMahon is an American corporate executive and former wrestling valet and wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment. As of 2022, Stephanie has a net worth of $150 million.

Stephanie lives with her husband Triple H in a 10-acre property at Conyers Farm. The property houses the McMahon family’s mansion. After Stephanie’s father bought the 10-acre estate, Vince McMahon sold 800,000 shares of the company to his son-in-law, Triple H.


Stephanie McMahon: CEO, Net Worth (Updated), Comments, Contract,  Affair, Shares 2022

Stephanie McMahon has taken to Twitter to make her first public comment since it was announced that she will take over as WWE President and CEO on an interim basis.

The news began this morning after Vince McMahon voluntarily stepped down from his position due to an ongoing investigation into claims of a $3 million settlement paid by Vince to a former employee with whom he was allegedly having an affair.


Triple H would make at least $1 million, and Stephanie would make at least $750,000.

It was also noted that Triple H’s talent contract runs through March 30, 2022, although this will automatically extend to one year at the end of each cycle unless one side notifies the other that it no longer seeks an extension.


Stephanie McMahon: CEO, Net Worth (Updated), Comments, Contract,  Affair, Shares 2022

The latest Wrestling Observer is reporting that virtually no one in WWE was aware that an alleged affair was taking place between Vince McMahon, an employee, and Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, will serve as interim CEO and chairman, while Vince steps down from the role.

The news surrounding this story did not stop after Friday morning as WWE announced that McMahon would now appear on television on “WWE SmackDown” in front of fans at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Shares 2022:

Following the shocking news that WWE CEO Vince McMahon will step down from his role effective immediately, WWE share prices have plummeted as the market opened for business on Friday, June 17.

According to the latest figures of 2022, Stephanie McMahon owns around 2.47 percent of WWE. She owns approximately 2.5 million shares of the company’s stock, and they have been valued as low as $40 million and at a highest value of $225 million.

Stephanie McMahon brought in $2.2 million in 2020 from her work with WWE, including $724,115 in basic pay, $464,778 in stock awards, $222,650 in incentives and an additional $775,723 in other compensation.

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