March 28, 2023

Tom Brady Sr., the seven-time Super Bowl champion and NFL quarterback, and his son have a close relationship. Professionally, Brady Sr. founded and serves as the CEO of Thomas Brady & Associates, an independent insurance company.

Tom Brady Sr: Net Worth, Wife, Insurance, House, Wiki

Full Name Thomas Edward Brady Sr.
Date of Birth May 6, 1944
Place of Birth San Francisco, California 
Age 78 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Taurus
Height 7 feet 1 Inches (1.88 meters or 188 centimeters/1.7501 m)
Weight 120 lbs (70 kg)
Body Measurement Unavailable
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Relationship Married 
Wife Galynn Patricia Brady
Children Maureen Brady (eldest child), Julie Brady (second daughter), Nancy Brady (youngest daughter), Tom Brady (youngest child/only son)
Daughter in Law/ Son-in-laws Kevin Youkilis: husband of Julie Brady, Steve Bonelli: husband of Nancy Brady, Gisele Bündchen: wife of Tom Brady
Grandchildren Maya Brady and Hannah Brady (Maureen’s children), Jordan Brady, Zachary Youkilis, and Jeremy Youkilis (Julie’s children), John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Vivian Lake Brady, and Benjamin Brady (Tom’s children), Nancy’s son
Profession CEO of Thomas Brady & Associates
Draft Phillies (Baseball/MLB)
Salary $500K – $700K
Net worth Approx $1 Million– $3,5 Million
Social Media None
Merch of Tom Brady Paperbacks, Coloring Notebooks, Clothing, Flag
Last Update 2022

Net Worth:

Tom Brady Sr: Net Worth, Wife, Insurance, House, Wiki

As of 2022, Tom Brady Sr. has a net worth of 3.1 billion. Thanks to his successful NFL career.


Tom Brady Sr: Net Worth, Wife, Insurance, House, Wiki

He is married to his wife Glynn.

The 76-year-old Thomas Brady Sr. met his wife Glynn while working in San Mateo. He founded Thomas Brady and affiliated Insurance Company, an insurance company in California. He thinks that Tom was influenced positively by the competitiveness that he and Galynn instilled in all of their children, including Tom. He recounted how Tom Brady, even as a youngster, detested sporting defeats in an interview. Together with his wife, Thomas battled COVID-19 in 2020, and they both eventually recovered. He makes sure to attend all of Brady’s games.


Tom Brady Sr: Net Worth, Wife, Insurance, House, Wiki

Tom Brady Sr. has been an independent insurance agent for over 45 years. 


Tom Brady Sr: Net Worth, Wife, Insurance, House, Wiki

In 1977, the same year that Brady Jr. was born, his parents bought the house in San Mateo, California, where he grew up. The home, which was constructed in 1962, is situated in the Bay Area, roughly 20 miles south of San Francisco. The modest 2,570 square foot house is still occupied by him.


Tom Brady Sr: Net Worth, Wife, Insurance, House, Wiki

Tom Brady, the former Patriots quarterback, is regarded as the best NFL quarterback in history, but his father, Tom Brady Sr., is someone he looks up to.

The quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, who just announced his retirement but came back after 40 days, is the son of Tom Brady Sr.

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