March 28, 2023

American professional golfer Tom Daniel Weiskopf competed on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. The 1970s were the decade of his greatest triumph. Between 1968 and 1982, he won 16 PGA Tour championships, including the 1973 Open Championship.

Tom Weiskopf: Health 2022, Obituary, Family, Net Worth

Tom Weiskopf, a former Open Championship champion, passed away over the weekend at the age of 79. He passed away in his Montana home in 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Health 2022:

Tom Weiskopf was given a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2020. When the doctor discovered that Tom had pancreatic cancer, he took immediate action.

Tom started experiencing acute abdominal pain in November. A CT examination at a hospital in Montana later revealed the athlete had a cancer on his pancreas.

On Thanksgiving Day, Tom and Laurie made the trip to Miami for a variety of tests, including genetic and biomarker analyses. The next Monday, the prognosis was verified, and on December 10th, he started therapy.

Tom Weiskopf: Health 2022, Obituary, Family, Net Worth

Tom and Laurie underwent additional evaluations at MD Anderson, and they both felt confidence in their medical team.

According to Laurie, after Tom recovered from his illness, he intended to play golf again this summer and go bird hunting with their dog Spanky in the fall.


In his career as a professional golfer, Tom Weiskopf won 16 PGA Tour titles, including the 1973 British Open. He later became well-known for designing golf courses.

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Family Members:
Jeanne Weiskopf
Laurie Weiskopf
Eric Weiskopf
Heidi Weiskopf

Tom’s parents’ real identities have been suppressed, so they are simply referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Weiskopf. Tom never mentioned their names while he was still alive.

Tom has had two marriages. His initial spouse was Jeanne Weiskopf. After getting married in 1966 and divorcing in 1999, they were married for 33 years. Except for the fact that she was Tom Weiskopf’s ex-wife, Jeanne is not well recognised.

Tom Weiskopf: Health 2022, Obituary, Family, Net Worth

His wife Laurie Weiskopf predeceased him. They were wed for a while before Tom’s death in 2022 caused them to divorce.


He and his ex-wife Jeanne had two children together, and he is their father. Eric and Heidi Weiskopf have been named as his children.

According to sources, he has no siblings.

Net Worth:

As of 2022, Tom Weiskopf has a net worth of $2 million. He has made such a fortune from his career as a professional golfer.

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