March 28, 2023

$600 Million

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth: Vanessa Bryant has a $600 million net worth before the death of Kobe Bryant. The main reason for Vanessa Bryant’s fame is that she is the widow of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Kobe and their child Gigi perished in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

At the time of his passing on January 26, 2020, Bryant’s net worth was estimated by Forbes to be over $600 million. Bryant’s wife Vanessa, who is the executor of the Bryant estate, and his daughters Natalia, Bianka, and Capri are his only surviving family members.

Kobe’s worth is actually closer to $150 million, according to TMZ, leaving Vanessa with a very sizable $75 million but a whole $105 million less than Rovell had anticipated.

Vanessa Bryant Net Worth Before Kobe Death

On May 5, 1982, Vanessa Laine was born in Los Angeles. Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta was her legal name at birth. Her stepfather Stephen Laine gave her the surname name “Laine.”

After only six months of dating, Kobe Bryant and Laine got engaged. Seven carats of diamonds were set in her engagement ring. On April 18, 2001, they were wed. About twelve individuals attended the intimate wedding ceremony, which took place at Dana Point, California’s St. Edward Roman Catholic Church. She adopted his last name after the marriage and changed her name to Vanessa Marie Bryant.

Natalia was Vanessa and Kobe’s first child, born in January 2003. Her husband felt a lot of influence from Bryant. She was the subject of tabloid rumours. Bryant alleged Karl Malone of the Lakers of acting inappropriately toward her in 2004. Malone then expressed regret and denied flirting with her. A report titled Vanessa-gate regarding Malone’s “wife-poaching” was published in Sports Illustrated. A Saturday Night Live parody of Bryant claimed that she was the “new Yoko Ono,” according to another columnist. Supporters praised her for questioning the National Basketball Association’s tolerance of tomcatting.

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