March 28, 2023

Popular American former basketball player Will Hardy has been named the new head coach of the NBA’s Utah Jazz. We are learning about Will Hardy’s basketball career and personal life in this article.

Will Hardy: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Nationality, Religion

Will Hardy is a popular American former Basketball player. Let’s take a look at his personal details!


Will Hardy is a popular American former Basketball Player and the new Head Coach of Utah Jazz in the NBA. 

For four years, Will Hardy served as the San Antonio Spurs summer league team’s head coach. According to sources, the Utah Jazz struck an agreement on June 28, 2022, to name assistant coach for the Boston Celtics Will Hardy their new head coach.

The NBA’s youngest active coach is Will Hardy. Will Hardy served as Ime Udoka’s assistant coach with the Boston Celtics for one season, helping Boston get to the NBA Finals.


Will Hardy: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Nationality, Religion

Will Hardy was born in 1988 in Richmond, Virginia, and would be 34 years old in 2022.

Will Hardy completed his doctoral work at a local university in Richmond, Virginia, before enrolling in and graduating from Williams Faculty, a small Division III liberal arts college in Massachusetts.

Will Hardy first came to public attention when he was named the new head coach of the NBA team Utah Jazz Basketball.

Full Name

William Hardy



Known as

Will Hardy


Not Recognized




34 years


Richmond, Virginia, United States


Richmond, Virginia, United States



Body measurements:

Will Hardy is approximately 6 feet 6 inches tall, or 198 centimetres, and 1.98 metres tall, with brown hair and brown eyes.

He weighs about 90 kg, or 198 pounds, in kilogrammes.


Will Hardy is 34 years old as of 2022. His birth year is 1988.

Will Hardy played basketball at Division III Williams College before joining the coaching staff. He then started his career as the San Antonio Spurs’ video coordinator before being promoted to assistant coach under Gregg Popovich.


Quin, a former head coach for Utah, enjoys a happy marriage to Amy Snyder.

In 1999, he wed Helen Redwine, a girl he had known since high school, but they eventually divorced. Owen, their son, was born into the couple. Quin wed Amy in 2010, and the two are parents to four kids.

On the other side, Will Hardy, the new head coach, has avoided revealing any information about his family to the press. He and his wife Spencer Hardy were welcomed with their daughter Elliot in 2019.


Quin and Amy have four children together.

The couple welcomed their daughter Elliott into the world in 2019 and invested their time and energy in her growth.

Unfortunately, he takes his privacy very seriously because he has kept his website private and only displays his face with his wife.


Will Hardy: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Children, Nationality, Religion

Will Hardy is of American nationality.

His ethnicity is not known yet.

Will Hardy was born in 1988, in Richmond, Virginia, United States. 


Hardy “become an agnostic, [and] he remained emotionally linked with the Church,” which is not to suggest that he gave up his religious beliefs. Hardy’s biggest disagreement was with religious doctrine or principles.

Will Hardy, a former assistant for the San Antonio Spurs and a current assistant for the Boston Celtics, has been offered the position of head coach for the Utah Jazz and intends to take it, according to reports on Tuesday from ESPN and The Athletic. On Saturday, The Tribune was the first to disclose that Hardy was the front-runner.

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