March 28, 2023

American football quarterback Zach Kapono Wilson plays for the National Football League’s New York Jets. He was selected second overall by the Jets in the 2021 NFL Draft while playing college football for BYU, where he twice won the MVP award in a bowl game.

Zach Wilson: Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Career Earnings, Endorsements

Zachary Kapono Wilson is an American football quarterback. He is earning a good amount of wealth from his football career. So, let’s take a look at his income details and career earnings!

Net Worth:

Net Worth $10 million
Age 22
Salary $6.4 million (2021-2022)
Sponsors Nike, Chipotle, Aptive Environmental, Bose, Traeger Grills
Sports American Football

Zach Wilson’s predicted net worth for 2022 is $10 million. Several reliable sources, including Media Referee and First Sportz, concur on this.

On August 3, 1999, Zachary Kapono Wilson was born in Draper, Utah. He has three brothers and two sisters in addition to his parents, Michael and Lisa Wilson. On his father’s side, he has Hawaiian ancestry. Wilson’s family has a history of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which was also diagnosed in him as a child.


Zach Wilson: Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Career Earnings, Endorsements

As of 2022, he is earning an annual salary of $6.4 million.

The average yearly wage Zach Wilson receives from the New York Jets is about $8,787,670. The quarterback’s estimated net worth is a stunning $10 million when his hefty pay and wealthy endorsements are taken into account!


Contract: 4 yr(s) / $35,150,681
Signing Bonus $22,924,132
Average Salary $8,787,670
Total Guarantees $35,150,681
Guaranteed at Signing $35,150,681
Free Agent: 2026 / UFA

Zach Wilson agreed to a four-year, $35,150,681 deal with the New York Jets, which included a $8,787,670 yearly salary average, a $22,924,132 signing bonus, and a $35,150,681 guarantee. Wilson’s base pay for 2022 will be $2,257,758, and he will have a cap hit of $7,988,791 and a dead cap value of $28,759,647.

Career Earnings:

Zach Wilson: Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Career Earnings, Endorsements

Estimated Career Earnings
Year Salary Earnings
1 season $660,000 $23,584,132
2022 $2,257,758 $2,257,758
2023 $3,855,516 $3,855,516
2024 $5,453,274 $5,453,274

The value of Wilson’s contract was determined based on his second-place draught pick, as has been the case with all rookie deals since the Collective Bargaining Agreement was finalised in 2011.

The contract’s value was established at $35.1 million, fully guaranteed, over four years with a fifth year’s option. The $35.2 million does not include the fifth-year option. Instead, it is based on Wilson’s accomplishments over the first three seasons of his league career.

Wilson’s deal details state that he will receive a signing bonus of just under $22.9 million along with a salary of almost $12 million. Assuming Wilson doesn’t take any actions that might cause the contract to be terminated, all of that money is guaranteed.


Sponsors  Nike, Chipotle, Aptive Environmental, Bose, Traeger Grills

Nike signed a contract with Zach Wilson. Wilson grew quite familiar with Nike products during his time at BYU – BYU is also sponsored by Nike – and Nike made the announcement official by formally welcoming him into the Nike family on social media. Wilson was sporting a pair of Adidas cleats when his pro day video went viral.

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