Mikal Bridges: Brother, Net Worth, Salary Breakup, Wife, Parents

American professional basketball player Mikal Bridges was born on August 30, 1996, and he now plays for the National Basketball Association (NBA)’s New York Knicks. He was a Villanova Wildcats collegiate basketball player who won two national titles in 2016 and 2018. In the 2018 NBA Draft, Bridges was chosen by the Philadelphia 76ers with the tenth overall choice. On draft night, he was traded to the Phoenix Suns, where he played for the squad that advanced to the 2021 NBA Finals. Known as “the Warden,” Bridges has not missed a game in his NBA career since being selected, and he now holds the record for the most games played in a row.

Mikal Bridges: Brother, Net Worth, Salary Breakup, Wife, Parents

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Mikal Bridges Brother:

Mikal Bridges, an NBA player, has two younger brothers, Jack and Corey Bridges, and one older brother, Eric Bridges. Mikal Bridges is not related to Miles Bridges, the Hornets player, despite the fact that the two are frequently associated. Frequently, his three brothers are around when he plays. The information on Mikal Briges’ three siblings is provided here.

Eric Bridges

The oldest Bridges sibling is Eric Bridges. Approximately four years older than Mikal, he is currently 31 years old. Eric did play basketball in high school, but he chose to work in the automotive sector instead. He presently works with cars and owns a towing firm. Miles and Eric have a strong relationship, and the four brothers get together frequently.

Jack Bridges

The third Bridges sibling is Jack Bridges. Compared to Mikal Bridges, his immediate elder sibling, he is almost six years younger. Like his brothers, Jack had played basketball in high school, yet little is known of his career or college experience. Along with Mikal, Jack has a very tight relationship with all three of his siblings.

Korey Bridges

The youngest of them all is Korey Bridges. Now that he is eighteen, he is roughly nine years younger than Mikal Bridges. He played varsity basketball at Constitution High School, where he graduated in the class of 2020. His decision to play college basketball is still unknown. Like his other siblings, Korey frequently goes to Mikal Bridges’ NBA games. The four Bridges brothers are frequently seen together.

Mikal Bridges Net Worth:

Name Mikal Bridges
Net Worth $15 million – $20 million (approximately)
Age 27 years (As of February 2024)
Residence United States
Position Small Forward
Marital Status In a relationship with Grainger Rosati
Source of Wealth Basketball
Salary $21,700,000 (2023/24)
Endorsements WealthSimple, G Fuel, eBay, Chipotle, Vitamin Shoppe

Online sources predict that as of 2024, Mikal Bridges’s net worth will range from $15 million to $20 million. The majority of his revenue comes from his NBA contracts and endorsement deals with several well-known brands.

Mikal Bridges Salary Breakup:

Mikal Bridges: Brother, Net Worth, Salary Breakup, Wife, Parents

2022/23 Brooklyn Nets $20,100,000 ($20,696,804*)
2021/22 Phoenix Suns $5,557,725 ($6,241,210*)
2020/21 Phoenix Suns $4,359,000 ($5,158,982*)
2019/20 Phoenix Suns $4,161,000 ($4,956,444*)
2018/19 Phoenix Suns $3,557,400 ($4,307,310*)
Total $37,735,125

Mikal Bridges’ Pay Spotrac estimates that Bridges will make $21.7 million in 2023–2024. He has a $90 million, four-year contract with the Phoenix Suns. His free agency will be unrestricted starting in 2026.

Mikal Bridges Wife:

The famous all-around player is in a relationship with model and lacrosse hockey player Grainger Rosati. After her connection with Mikal Bridges became public, she became more well-known. She was present during the 2018 NBA Draft, where the Philadelphia 76ers selected Bridges with the 10th overall choice.

Mikal Bridges Parents:

Bridges is the son of Jack Bridges and Tyneeha Rivers, who raised him as a single mother after giving birth to him at the age of 19. He was raised in Philadelphia’s Overbrook and the surrounding areas.

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