Brandon Royval: Record, Height, Ethnicity, Is Mexican

Born August 16, 1992, Brandon Royval is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States. He presently fights for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the Flyweight class. In addition to being a professional fighter since 2012, Royval has previously represented Legacy Fighting Alliance as the flyweight champion. He is ranked #2 in the UFC flyweight rankings as of December 5, 2023.

Brandon Royval: Record, Height, Ethnicity, Is Mexican


MMA record
Total 22
Wins 15
By knockout 5
By submission 8
By decision 2
Losses 7
By knockout 1
By submission 1
By decision 5

At eighteen, Royval fought in his first amateur match, going 5-0. Royval began his professional career in 2012 and amassed an 8-3 record, largely fighting for Legacy Fighting Alliance. This led to an opportunity to challenge Casey Kenney for the interim LFA Flyweight Championship, however he was ultimately defeated by unanimous decision.

At LFA 65 on May 3, 2019, Brandon Royval took on UFC veteran Joby Sanchez. After an armbar in the opening round, Royval won the fight by submission.

Prior to Scoggins’ withdrawal, Royval was scheduled to challenge him for the vacant LFA flyweight title on November 22, 2019. In lieu of Royval, Nate Williams stepped up, and Royval won the LFA Flyweight title with an armbar in the opening round.


Although his precise height is unknown to the general public, images and videos suggest that he is between 5’7 and 5’9″.


Brandon Royval: Record, Height, Ethnicity, Is Mexican

Royval has a very high ceiling and is a very skilled fighter, as is evident by this point. ‘Raw Dawg’ has demonstrated that he can flourish in the chaos despite his reckless actions. However, a lot of people have frequently questioned Royval’s ancestry. Due to his appearance, many people have questioned what ethnicity he is.

Royval’s colour has led many people to wonder if he is Filipino. Although it’s not said explicitly, the fighter’s accent also suggests the same thing. Having said that, not much is known about his parents other than the fact that they are both citizens of the United States. Therefore, even in the event that it remains a secret, it might be presumed that he is of Hispanic descent.

Is Mexican:

Though there isn’t any solid proof to support this theory either, some have speculated that Brandon is actually a Christian.

Taking everything into account, it would seem that the flyweight competitor is not a particularly devout person and does not give it much thought. In any case, he remains and will remain one of the UFC’s most entertaining competitors for some time to come.

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